This Weekend Get a Taste of Dallas

2015_Taste_of_DallasSoulgood Vegetarian to Go will miss the fun this year at the #TasteofDallas. We wanted to pop up and meet some of the best fans in Texas this year; but we’ll be back next year. Remember, you can always find our team at the Dallas Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8am – 4pm serving healthy, organic and meatless breakfast and lunch – fast. We love our #Soulstirrers and appreciate your #veggielove. To find out what’s on the menu follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @eatsoulgood.

It’s Getting Hot in Here


We’re backkkkk! The rain won’t last forever and the hot summer months will be here before you know it. Come out and try our #vegan and #vegetarian treats that will knock your socks off! We’re introducing a new #veggie taco and our Vin Diezel #vegan hot dog. Come sing a tune to Motown with us on our karaoke stage and #eatwell.

Give $25 and Get 2 Taste of Dallas Tickets

You heard it here first! We are officially launching our vegetarian #foodtruck #crowdfunding campaign at 1am on #moolahoop Show your support! There’s #nocluckingway we can do this without you.

Soulgood crowdfunding campaign on #MoolaHoop