Eating Whole Foods Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Chef Cynthia talks about Soulful Vegetarian Cooking. Soulful Vegetarian Cooking is a new book written by Chef Cynthia E. Nevels, owner of Soulgood Vegetarian to Go. The book share intimate details about challenges she faced transitioning from a meat eater to a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle in the bar-b-que loving Deep South and tips for eating healthier without breaking the bank. The book contains beautiful and colorful Instagram photographs and easy-to-use recipes for busy moms looking for tasty treats for the family. Foreword by Harvard student, Janice F. Whaley.


New Book “Soulful Vegetarian Cooking” by Chef Cynthia

New book by Cynthia Nevels

We’re celebrating the release of the new book titled, Soulful Vegetarian Cooking: A Southern Girl’s Meaty Love Affair and Romantic Jouney to Natural Foods on Instagram by amateur chef, author and Instagram photographer, Cynthia E. Nevels. Chef Cynthia, is the Natural Food Enthusiast blogger and contributing writer for She has written a new vegetarian cookbook that chronicles her touching and humorous transition from meat eater to a whole food, plant based lifestyle in the finger lickin’ bar-b-que eating Deep South. The book has some mouth watering vegetarian recipes and colorful photographs taken by Chef Cynthia on Instagram. Order online.  Order your book online through Thursday July 11, 2013 for a chance to win two 2013 Taste of Dallas tickets. Order here >>>