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Soulgood Vegetarian to Go is a new vegetarian and vegan fast food popup restaurant founded in Dallas, TX. Soulgood’s mission is to put healthy, meatless and tasty foods in the hands of adults and children across America. Why? Because we understand you care about the environment, the planet, animals and sustainable food sources for all Americans. Do you want tasty, quirky, fun, low-calorie, low-fat, and highly nutritious food on the go? Would you eat healthier if there were more options that kept up with your busy lifestyle? Soulgood is here. Soulgood Healthy Meals are made from fresh produce locally grown from organic farms, homemade whole wheat breads made with raw honey created by our chef (gluten-free coming soon) and meatless goodies. We work hard to support local farmers and suppliers wherever we popup. This may cost a bit more for us, but we feel your body is worth it. You feel good? We knew that you would. Limited vegan options are available. Gluten-free coming soon. Visit us at the Dallas Farmers Market to try additional menu items not listed like vegan crab cakes, BBQ burgers, chickn’ burgers and much more.

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Food Truck and Pop Up Kitchen Menu

Soulgood Menu